Social Media influencers you must follow.

As a social media professional/enthusiast, one follows social media e-mags, blogs, and other resources which provide good alerts and news. But, I recently stumbled upon a list of some strong social media influencers who provide not just news but advise, tips, trends and guidance on social media.

Here’s the list. Hope it helps:

Urban Dictionary

True meaning of today’s internet terms:

I Googled it - Randomly searching through a whole lot of stuff

I Wikied it - Authentically searching through a whole lot of relevant stuff

I Facebooked it - Telling people who I know 

I Tweeted it - Telling people who I don’t know

I Blogged about it - Writing, like I own a magazine

I Instagrammed it - I am too cool for facebook photo updates and twitpics.

I Gmailed it - I have a gmail ID. Talk to me only if you have one!

What to show, what not to show! How to keep your identity safe on Facebook?

Facebook has encouraged more and more transparency and openness about one’s day-to-day issues, work, relations and life, in general. From letting your friends know about your relationship to your workplace to your trip photos, to where you are dining tonight, to even your current mood! Facebook is like a log of your where-abouts and the easiest tool to stalk you!

Here are a few ways you can and must protect your identity on Facebook:

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Five tips to brand yourself, digitally.

Internet maybe the “virtual world” but it’s run by real world characters. From an office boy to a CEO, everyone has a mark on the web, which becomes extremely influential when someone is looking you up on the internet and thus is an important aspect of your portfolio management. Here are a few simple steps, with which you can manage your digital persona and present yourself the way you want to.

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